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What's Dan Doing Now?

Winter '17 was fairly busy. January began with quite a few gigs, but there has also been space to work on other endeavers. This is my first semster teaching recording in the new studios at CCM, so that's been a lot of fun. I'm still learning the new Audient console and patch bays, but no major disasters yet.

  • Continuing to play as many live gigs as is humanly possible. Why? Because, I'm amazed that I still get asked, and I love playing in front of an audience with good musicians.

  • Collaborating with Todd Collins on new instrumental music. We've started making rough demos of the material, and we keep coming up with new ideas. Very exciting!

  • Mentally preparing myself to release my first batch of instrumental meditation music. The tracks are done, but need to be edited and mixed. Unfortunately, no movement on this project yet - there just hasn't been enough time.

  • Continuing to come up with new ways to inspire my students.

    Last update: 3/4/17

    This page inspired by Derek Sivers

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