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Guitar Lessons

Jazz Scale Suggester System
Using Major and Minor Triads
Six Instruments In One
Dorian Triads On Your Vertical Guitar
One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

101 Guitar Licks

This is a new series I'm working on. I happen to enjoy inventing and practicing licks in various styles. Becoming a "lick encyclopedia" is not something that any improvisor should aspire to, but I find that practicing licks is a good way to open your ears to new ideas and sounds.

I decided that it would be nice to share these little motives with other musicians, so I'm going to slowly add them to this page. In the near future, I'll be adding video versions to make the material a little easier to grasp. For now, we'll make do with notation and tablature. Have fun! --DP

Chicken Pickin' Lick #1       Chicken Pickin' Lick #2

Chromatic Lick #1               Chromatic Lick #2

Diminished Lick #1              Diminished Lick #2

Harmonic Minor Lick #1       Harmonic Minor Lick #2

Jazz Lick #1 (Major ii V)       Jazz Lick #2 (Major ii V)

Jazz Lick #3 (Minor ii V)       Jazz Lick #4 (Minor ii V)


How To Get Ideas
Lyric Writing: Giving Human Qualities to Inanimate Objects (and vice versa)

Music Theory

Common Chord Formulas
Harmonization of the Common Scales (triads)
Harmonization of the Common Scales II (7th chords)
Modes of the Major Scale
Why Learn Modes?
Modal Harmony
Letting Go


Improving Your Drum Programming
Improving Your Drum Programming II
Torpedo Room Renovation Pictorial

Music Biz

Are You Ready For a Record Deal?

Odds and Ends

Are You Ready To Be Yourself?
Here Comes the Water!

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